Reality Check Episode 6 - 8 September 2009

LGBT world news; Alternative medicine news (Tamar Stitt case, reflexology study, Pfizer fine); Movie review of "Up".

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  1. Hey nice page dude ... how long have these blog things been around?

    The Caner

  2. Tony, I've just heard your podcast on the incident surrounding my Daughter, Tamar. It appears you have been grossly misinformed of MANY things especially Tamar's condition. She has NO cancer in her stomach, only in the liver (Hepatoblastoma)with one or two lesions on her lungs NOT CONFIRMED AS CANCEROUS, possibly pre-existing from a traumatic birth. She is NOT on any apricot kernal treatment. She is on something that works. I am a trained scientist and specialist medical technician who trained at Guy's Hospital London. Please DO NOT try to suppose anything you don't know. The media will fairly soon uncover ALL you're dying to know. The success rate offered to us was 30%, ramped up overnight to 50% when Dr Allessandri realised she was fighting a losing battle. She is NOT Tamar's Doctor and another fully qualified Doctor who specialises in oncology (outside PMH's supposed circle of elite),did another ultrasound and bloodtests the day she flew out and compared them to those taken 3 weeks previously before our intensive natural remedies began. This Doctor admitted a significant change for the better was appearing to be taking place and was happy after re-examination, to write her a medical certificate deeming her fit to travel abroad by plane.Within a few weeks, most of what you need to know WILL be revealed. I am now leaving the medical profession because of my lack of faith in it and the apparent tendencies of doctors trying to play GOD, of which there is only one whether we choose to believe or not, (prior to 1996, I didn't believe it either)but since then my eyes have been wonderfully opened, my only hope is that one day your's will be too. Only God knows if he will choose to take Tamar now or not. I myself was similarily condemed to death by doctors as a baby and now 51 years later, I'm here "defying the odds" as you might say.Please try to be careful what you say. I see my Daughter every day looking a little better and saying she feels a little better,would she be lying? Do natural signs lie? PROPER natural remedies take time, but given that time they work. So lets just wait and see. Doctors never seem to mention "quality of life" post treatment, given what was on offer to Tamar, hers would have reduced to less than 20%, "great the chemo worked but now she's permanently deaf, wheelchair bound and incoherrant, unable to ever eat normally again.Nevermind she's still alive". See how your child would like to be faced with that. Oh she's only 10, I forgot "she probably doesn't know any better".Now possibly you need to take a REALITY check my fellow earth dweller.

  3. Trevor, how do you find the time to write so many posts? you def need help with your bad temper and ignorance.